Ben and the Ghost Ship

Ben has finished his chores at his City Home and is ready to return to sea.

1 pilot a tanker


Today Ben skippers a speedy schooner named Carroll Deering. Ben sets his course for the Spice Islands, where he plans to load up on nutmeg to make ice cream treats for his friends in Snug Harbor.



Ben swings close to the Cape Lookout Lightship, so they can snap his picture as he passes to leeward.

3 Carroll passes lightship


Suddenly the schooner lurches. Egads, the ship is wrecked on the shoals!

4 Carroll remains


Ben gets the crew ashore, but what a lonely shore it is.

5 IMG_3477


Ben turns to the sky for a helpful sign.

6 100_6256


And help he finds! The trusty Cape Lookout Lighthouse will help him steer the crew safely home.

7 IMG_3460


Ben leads the way.

8 100_5900


Still, Ben can’t believe he’s lost the handsome Carroll Deering.

9 Carroll transom


Can it be true? Has the brave schooner joined the Ghost Fleet of the Outer Banks.

10 Carroll sightseer destination


Or, could it all have been a dream?

11 100_6108


Did Ben really take the ship to sea? Or has she been in her slip while he snoozed in the warm afternoon sun?



Ben wonders. Was it just a dream?

12 IMG_0753And if it were real … Where’s the nutmeg ice cream?!!?


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Holiday Pictures Finally Arrive!

Ben’s waited so long to receive his holiday pictures. Next time, he’s not going to mail them away to be printed!

Waiting for the mail

Ben’s pictures of the holiday with his family have finally arrived from the printer. What will the pictures reveal? Click on the headline above to see Ben’s latest adventure.

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Morning Cup o’ Joe

Ben loves to start each day with a Moment of Reflection . . . And a piping hot Cup o’ Joe!

Please join Ben and enjoy his morning ritual by clicking on the “Morning Cup o’ Joe” headline on the menu bar above this picture.


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Ben Invites You to Join His Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Ben Hosts Easter Egg Hunt

Be sure to join Ben and his sisters on Ben’s annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Click on the “Ben’s Easter Egg Hunt” headline on the menu bar above this picture.


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Hello world!

Ben's hot on the Easter Bunny's trail!

Ben's hot on the Easter Bunny's trail!

Welcome to tales of “Ben! The City Pup at Sea!”

Ben hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for his cousins. Some of those snapshots are here, and more will be posted very soon.

We can't wait to get started!

Open the door!
Ben, Zoe and Olive can't wait to pass through the Magic Gate to begin their hunt for Easter Eggs!

These pictures will be posted on this page in the latest book in Ben’s series of adventures. Check back soon to see all the fun the trio of pups enjoyed.

The Easter Egg Hung was the latest in Ben’s series of adventures that will delight the young and young-at-heart.

Zoe stops to smell the flowers.

Zoe stops to smell the flowers.

In the early days of Spring, Ben strolled through the verdant garden behind his home in the City. Be sure to join him by clicking on the links to Ben’s pages on YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr.


Olive excels at finding Easter Eggs!

In February, on Groundhog Day, Ben tested his weather-forecasting skills against General Lee and Punxsutawney Phil — two veteran prognosticators of the last day of cold winter weather. Ben and his buddies successfully predicted an early Spring.

This page remains a collection of family-friendly stories about Ben and his friends, and their adventures.

Fierce battle with Pirate King!

Many stories unfold in a mythical place called Snug Harbor. Take a look and you may find that you’ve visited Snug Harbor, perhaps on a magical vacation or in a favorite dream of good times by the sea.

Ben also has adventures in and near his Atlanta home. And there’s always plenty of fun.

Ben reads about Brer Rabbit

Ben reads about Brer Rabbit

Ben has a good heart and he’s a good friend. Like his brothers and sisters, this Australian Silky Terrier is bright-eyed, keen and loving.

We hope Ben’s stories bring you a smile.


Ben’s faithful sidekicks.

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Ben the helpful elf

Ben donned his elf hat and coat to help deliver gifts and cheer during the holiday season.

Ben in his elf gear.

Ben in his elf gear.

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Ben is sitting with the warm, fall sun on his back by the Thanksgiving Pumpkin.

Ben on Thanksgiving 2011

Ben is on the deck ready for the family gathering.

On Thanksgiving holiday Ben was with his family and friends celebrating and remembering all the goodness we enjoy in life. His furrier friends, Max, in town from Charlotte, and Zoe and Olive from Atlanta, spent time in the backyard with Ben. They had their own feast of leftover ham, turkey and dressing.

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