ben battles bp oil spill

Chapter 3
Ben Battles BP's Oil Spill

BP's oil spill threatens Snug Harbor
A BP rig is spilling oil into the sea. Ben dons his Cape
of Super Skills because, well, it's chilly out on there.

Ben looks to his rainbow
Ben knows he'll need all his spirit and strength to rally troops,
remove oil, and save Snug Harbor.

Our story begins with a tour
BP is a big name in Snug Harbor. In fact, BP's
name is so big it towers over the waterfront.

BP provides fuel to Snug Harbor
All kinds of boats burn BP fuel, from fishing
trawlers to mighty sloops in Ben's flotilla.

Peaceful coexistence
On most days, critters and people don't even
think about how the oil could harm them.

But Snug Harbor is fragile
The islands and rivers that make Snug Harbor
special face great dangers from man and nature.

The explosion of BP's oil driller
The oil that leaks is a big threat to Snug Harbor
and all the people and creatures who call it home.

Ben was asleep
Ben was dozing when an explosion ripped apart
the oil rig. Ben dreamt of the Pirate King.

Ben races to the radio room
Kip, the trusty radio operator, shares the bad
news. Ben can't help but hang his head in sorrow.

Ben starts nosing around
Ben asks his friends to locate the oil leak. He
news. wants to stop the oil before it hits Snug Harbor.

Ben's bird buddies
The long-range fliers offer to help Ben find the oil
spill so he can battle the harmful crude.

Word spreads along the coast
Seagulls fly higher than kites as others stand
watch over the fragile coast. All eyes look for oil.

Brave seafarers unfurl sails
Rolf, the sea-roving Scandinavian, weighs out to
sea. He loves Snug Harbor as his native home.

Ben takes the helm!
The City Pup sits astride his powerful Jet Ski. Ben
calls on his fleet to join in the hunt for spilled oil.

Watch your speedometer!
Joe, the trusty mechanic, warns Ben to be careful
when Ben hits the gas. The ski might fly!

Ben says - Holy Cow!
Ben can barely hold on as the Jet Ski screams
across the water toward the open ocean.

Ben's fleet arrives
The slow pokes show up as Ben searches for signs
of oil on an island at the edge of Snug Harbor.

Don't tell me ...
Ben spies signs he'd hoped not to find.The water
shimmers oddly, and what's on the beach?

Tar balls!
The dreaded clumps of oil line the shore. They
warn that Snug Harbor is in grave danger.

The tar balls are disheartening because Snug
Harbor works hard to protect sea critter friends.

Ben zooms home!
The City Pup has much to do - plot a course to
the oil spill and rally the Snug Harbor Fleet.

Seasoned navigator
Ben and Max, the trusty course plotter, draw the
route from Snug Harbor to the oil spill.

The call to the fleet!
All the boat captains answer Kip's call. Ben licks
his lips in anticipation of the fight with spilled oil.

Away the fleet!
Vessels large and small follow the course to the
oil spill. Every captain rallies to protect Snug Harbor.

Ben's flag ship
Ben stands his post on the poop deck. From
here, he can trim sails and guide the fleet.

Ben stays the course
Ben must keep the fleet on track and on time if it
is to intercept the oil spill at the proper moment.

A fast patrol boat returns with good news. The
fleet will intercept the spill on the course Max set.

Ben lays boom to protect shore
Ben has the fleet lay out boom to trap oil before it
goes ashore. Boom is plastic, like a kid's pool float.

Beach patrollers look for leaks
As the boom catches oil, the people of Snug
Harbor walk the beach to watch for signs of oil.

Careful, careful ...
Precision is paramount. Ben watches the compass
to ensure boom is placed just where it's needed.

Hopes are high
Men and machines take position along the beach,
ready to process oil captured by Ben's booms.

Ben turns his attention
As booms collect oil, Ben guides the big oil
processing machines into their locations.

It seems to be working!
Machines remove oil collected from the surface.
But dark swirls underwater remain a concern.

The area starts to look safe
The size of the area threatened by oil shrinks.
Snug Harbor is safer than before Ben's fleet

Just to be sure ...
Ben dispatches a diver to check for signs of oil
plumes that may be swirling beneath the waves.

Let's go home, boys!
After the diver signals, 'all clear,' Ben leads the
valiant fleet back to Snug Harbor.

Weary sailors rest
Blurry eyed crewmen stretch out and nap on the
long trip back to Snug Harbor.

Ben stays the course
Ben is weary, too. But with the safety of the fleet
riding on his shoulders, he stands the bridge.

Life returns to normal
Family and friends gather on the white sand of
Snug Harbor, thankful for those who preserved it.

Ben is so proud of Snug Harbor
The love shown by her people and critters warms
Ben's heart. It's cause for celebration!

Everyone pulled together
As Snug Harbor's residents continue to make
shore patrols, they all remember ...

The reason they all came together
They were united in their effort to protect the
home of the littlest ones who love the beach, and,

The place they all call home
The place they call, Snug Harbor.

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