Chapter 4
Ben's Day Off !!!

Ben's bleary
Ben awakes and wonders if he's reflective.
But his bleariness feels deeper than that.
And its not just the sun in his eyes.

First cup o' Joe
Ben's first cup barely wakes him. He
wonders: \Am I reflective, or is my
vitamin count off?/

Then Ben realizes ...
What a busy year it's been!
I overcame the evil Pirate King!!!

Ben served as harbor pilot
Ben guidedtankers through treacherous shoals,
after the evil Pirate King whammied beacons.

Don't forget the oil spill
Ben and his friends saved Snug Harbor by
helping to fight the perilous spill.

Ben's ever watchful
Ben's kept a sharp vigil at his City Home,
making certain his friends are always safe.

The perfect host
Ben threw a festive Easter Egg Hunt
that had Zoe and Olive scampering!

The good sport
Ben even donned a whimsical hat
for the annual Christmas card.

No wonder I'm pooped!!!
Ben snoozes a doozy of a snoozy. He
even dreams about snoozing.

Lost in lullabye land
Ben is really snoozing. Ben's made
neither peep nor burp nor twitch since
forever ago.

Ben - Wake Up !@!@!
Will nothing awaken the City Pup? If
not, what will become of Snug Harbor?

Things won't be good
Bad times loom for Snug Harbor if
Ben stays a'snoozing - The evil
Pirate King will return.

Ben awakens and looks outside
When Ben finally stirs, the situation is just
as he suspected - Safe, at least for now.

Carpe Diem !!!
Ben seizes the moment!
Daily duties are set aside as he darts for
a long-overdue Ben's Day Off!

Secret tunnel
Ben slips quietly from Snug Harbor through
limestone passages known only to members of
the Order of the Panamanian Pelican.

Sacred River
Ben emerges from the tunnel and
launches his journey of rest and recovery.

Ben renews his spirit in the company of
other good souls traveling the
Sacred River.

Sheer joy
Monarchs wave at Ben as they pass,
he on the Sacred River and they on
wisps of wind.

The hill top thins
The landscape becomes spare, the light
lean, as Ben and the travelers wind
down the Sacred River.

Ethereal vista
Land becomes water, water becomes
land, as Ben and the travelers continue
their journey.

Final Outpost
Ben's journey down the Sacred River
is complete. Ben has reached his

At long last ...
Ben rests in

The world slumbers
Light, wind, and even sound join
Ben in his peaceful repose.

Good morning, World!
As if by magic, Ben awakes in his beloved
City. Time to get moving!

Ben gets his toes tapping
Ben starts the day by setting the
beat for the boys in the bongo band.

Next stop
Ben drinks in the urban milieu - a fancy
word fit for scenery both verdant and

Tranquility Lake
Ben pauses to reflect, yes, reflect,
alongside the only natural lake formed
by the Sacred River.

Break Time!!!
Ben checks out the new ecessary
rooms/ he provided for his City.

Atop Daniel Boone
Ben loves to recite Boone: \One day I
undertook a tour through the country (and it)
expelled every gloomy and vexatious thought./

Paying respects
Ben visits his friend Dogny, who
represents the heroic search effort
mounted on 9/11.

Blast off!
Ben loves to straddle the old cannon and
remember valiant battles aboard his flag ship.

At the feet of greatness
Ben's model of citizenship is based on
this quote: \Self restraint is essential to
self- government./

Public service
Ben recalls his busy years in elected
office, when he worked for the
people at Government Hall.

A great journey ends
Ben strides into his future - he is beyond
reflective, he is more than rested. He is

But first, one last stop
Ben needs the quickest of visits to the place
where all great journeys begin and end.

A nap on the sofa
Ben dreams of how he has been
renewed, of feeling like a young pup.

Ben as a lad
And so, even today, Ben is forever
young and brave. In his dreams and the
hearts of those who love him.

Ever watchful
Ben always stands ready to fight
for right against might.

And so it must be
of the Pirate King's flag ship fly
constantly just beyond the horizon.

The Pirate King

Ben braces for the challenge.
WillBen be ready yet again?

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