bens lost friend

Chapter 2
Ben Gets Lost and Found!

Ben is lost and far from home
Ben had traveled to help Jake, his friend, find a way home. Now Ben is lost, and must find his way home.

Ben squares his shoulders
Ben watches a rainbow burst across the heavens. Ben is certain it will lead him back to Snug Harbor.

Our story begins with a snooze
Ben always begins his adventures with a nap. Even now, as he's sailing to meet Jake.

Jake is in despair
Ben arrives to find Jake crestfallen. Jake has lost his chew stick and his best friend. Woe is Jake.

But not for long!
Ben finds Jake's chew stick and Ben's super sniffer has found the scent of Jake's friend. Clouds clear!

Jake follows the footprints
Ben points Jake to the impressions his friend left in the sand. Quick as a wink, Jake bounds away.

Uh oh - Ben's alone!
Ben realizes he's alone and out of radio contact with his ship. It's time to climb a Lookout Perch!

The clouds are pretty
But pretty clouds won't guide the way home. Ben realizes he must take matters into his own paws.

Stepping out solo!
With no help in sight from his lofty Lookout Perch, Ben steps off by himself to find his way home.

But first, an herbal bath!
Hygiene is always Job 1 with Ben. He stops for a refreshing herbal rub-down before his journey.

Black hearted shipmates
Ben knows he will rue his decision. But his only way home is with his old foe, the Pirate King.

Sweet Revenge
The dastardly Pirate King has captured a new ship, a schooner to overcome fierce wind and waves.

Ben dresses to fit in
Ben fits into the mongrel crew of pirates by donning his tri-corner hat and Magic Green Eye.

Ben the navigator
Ben sits watch over the compass to show the mongrel crew that he's pulling his weight.

Ben the fisherdog
Ben wets his line in hopes of catching a fresh mess of dinner for the mongrel crew.

Got a big one!
Ben alerts the crew that they'll eat well tonight. His only hope is that ... it's not a catfish!

Rock n' roll!
The Sweet Revenge bounds through the heavy weather, her rigging groaning beneath the wind.

Ben the lookout
With landfall approaching, Ben joins the mongrel crew in watching for signs of the dreaded reefs.

The Sweet Revenge passes this grounded oysterman, still trying to sail off the reef.

Ben the safety dog
Ben dons his life jacket, in the event of calamity. And the heck with that silly Magic Green Eye.

Storms clear off
Ben's spirits lift as the sun breaks through and the clouds glow with the color of angel wings.

Lighthouse Ho!
The lighthouse guides the Sweet Revenge to safe water. Ben rejoices because he's almost home.

Meat, Greet, and Three!
The pub beckons. Ben's mouth waters at the thought of a hot meal with fresh veggies.

Mmmmmmmmmm ...
More Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

Sack time
Ben's catches up on his sleep while the crew dozes. Ben sleeps well, this close to home.

Peace is short lived
Ben awakens to find that he's been betrayed. The Pirate King has spirited him into prison. Drat!

Clean paws, clear conscience
Out of ideas, Ben takes an herbal bath to clear his mind and plan his escape from the Pirate King.

Ben's razor-sharp mind has found a way to escape and retake Snug Harbor from the evil Pirate King.

Forgotten doors, Secret gates
Ben races to an escape hatch. But even if the hatch works, Ben faces a treacherous trip home.

Ben the camouflaged
Ben dons his camo clothing before he clambers out of the tunnel that led from the escape hatch.

Ben's trusty accomplice
Ben finds Millie, who helps devise a plan to outwit the Pirate King and return safely to Snug Harbor.

But first, a sip
Ben drinks from Millie's well after finishing a big meal she prepared to start him on his journey.

One last thing!
Ben thanks Millie for being his friend. Ben always tells his friends how important they are to him.

Train's a-coming!
Ben can hardly wait for the Snug Harbor Special to whisk him back to his friends and his home.

Well, come to think of it ...
Ben realizes he can wait. Ben's waited plenty of times for the train, and it always takes him home.

That must be the train!
Ben hears the bright chime of the bell, which lets Ben know the train's coming 'round the bend.

Right on time!
The Snug Harbor Special glides to a stop right in front of Ben, who steps aboard and takes a seat.

Shovel on the coal!
Ben's friends in the engine help him hurry home, speeding along the rails toward Snug Harbor.

Bright lights, big city!
Ben disembarks in Metropolis, the stepping off point for Ben's magical home, Snug Harbor.

Strolling home from the train
Ben can't believe how much has happened on his trip to help Jake. And he can't believe this snow!

Can this be real?
Ben remembers all who helped him get home, even the Pirate King, and especially Millie.

Yes. This is real
As his sister, Zoe, dozes, Ben's thoughts wander to the question of what adventure he'll face next.

Only time will tell
Ben will face the Pirate King or another threat to Snug Harbor. Whatever it is, Ben must be ready.

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