Brer Rabbit

Ben and Brer Rabbit are buddies
Ben and Brer Rabbit visit every summer. The tradition is longer than either can remember.

The summer visit begins
Ben gets off the train at the old Flowers Station, where Brer always meets Ben with his car.

Where's Brer?
Ben watches and waits. But there's no sign of Brer, who is always on time.

Brer's Missing!!
Trusty friend Stanley meets Ben and shares the bad news - Brer's gone and may be kidnapped.

Not a trace of Brer Rabbit!
Brer's pedestal is bare, except for the stain that is so uncharacteristic of the tidy Rabbit.

Ben shakes it off
Stanley tries to comfort Ben. But Ben won't have it - No comfort until Brer is found!

Fearing the worst
Ben races to the well. If Brer has fallen in, his big ears will prevent him from climbing out.

Could aliens have Brer?
Ben wonders if aliens took Brer in exchange for a big black rock they left behind.

Searching for clues
Ben and Brer Fox read through the old stories, seeking a clue they may have overlooked.

Trusty friend Millie says she knows who can find Brer Rabbit and bring him home with ease.

Trusty lawman to the rescue!
Millie was correct! Sheriff Sill had already tracked the kidnappers and rescued Brer from his foes.

Disguised but not defeated!
The kidnappers made Brer change his clothes and frown so that no one would recognize him.

Quick trip to the clinic
Ben took Brer Rabbit to the clinic, where they could treat his ear and restore his smile.

Just like old times!
As quick as a wink, Brer is back to his old self and regaling Ben with stories of his adventures.

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