Good Day

Ground Hog Day approaches
Ben gets his shut-eye so he'll be ready to assist the nation's premier ground hogs on their big day.

Folks go nuts!
The whimsy of the day brings out the best in folks, who arrive early and often in festive clothing.

What's that? I didn't hear
Ben was snoozing and didn't catch the message relayed by his trusty friend.

The ground hogs are missing?
How can that be? In a short time, the ground hogs are to tell the world when winter will end!

It's sad, but true
The door of Punxsutawney Phil's home swings wide open. Even his toothbrush is gone.

Shutters cover windows
Gen. Beauregard Lee, Phil's fellow forecaster, has boarded his mansion and departed.

Uncertainty looms
Without ground hogs to set the end of winter, spring grasses won't know when to bloom.

Winter won't know to end
Ice may linger beyond its season, just because it doesn't know when to go home.

To top it off
Without ground hogs to spell the end of winter, Ben and his pals can't celebrate Spring Fling!

The word spreads
With news of the disaster hitting the papers, Ben knows it's time for him to spring into action.

Ben begins his search
Ben goes to a Sacred Spot. Ben hopes to clear his head, and pick up the scent of the ground hogs.

Early success!
Ben tracks the two ground hogs to a lean-to they built for shelter as they prepared for a journey.

To the waters edge
Ben wishes it weren't so, but the scent that leads to the river tells Ben what he must do.

Down the Sacred River
Ben must follow where the ground hogs lead. What comes next? Read Part 2.

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