Mail Day

Early to get the Mail!
Ben is always eager to read letters from friends. Ben often is the first to arrive at the Post Office.

Parcels come first
Frank, the mailman, brings an expected box and returns to look for letters sent to Ben.

Letters are a Highlight of Any Day
As Ben waits for Frank, Ben recalls how his friends enjoy hearing him read his letters aloud.

Time to Snooze!
Ben squeezes in a snooze while Frank sorts the mail to bring out Benís letter.

A Letter from Zoe!
Ben's cousin Zoe has sent a letter from her holiday. Ben can't wait to read the adventures!

Zoe's News Can Wait
What's this little nugget that fell out of Zoe's card? Ben checks it out and wonders: Did Zoe sent him a tasty snack along with her note?

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