pirate king

Chapter 1
Ben and the Pirate King!

Ben is landlocked, far from Snug Harbor
Ben knows Snug Harbor needs him. He feels it down to his paws. Ben must leave the city for the sea.

The rainbow marks the trail
Ben knows the magic light in the sky will guide him back to Snug Harbor - and those who need him.

Our story begins with a snooze
Ben's nap is interrupted by a dream of the Pirate King, a fighter who aims to rule Snug Harbor.

The Pirate King's dastardly plan
Ben races to his ship and learns the Pirate King conspires to sneak his fleet into unsuspecting Snug Harbor.

Dastardly Plan: Part 2
Once pirates control the harbor, they plan to build a fort to hold Snug Harbor under their command.

Most dastardly part of dastardly plan
The Pirate King intends to control the Pelicans, who bring peace and love to the world. With Pelicans in captivity, Chaos may return.

Ben simply has to act!

But first, an herbal bath
Ben knows he won't be at his best if his mind and paws aren't clean. An herbal bath is just the trick.

Ben rallies the crew
In the early morning light, Ben calls out familiar orders. Cast off all lines! Make ready all sail!

Ben makes sail
Ben has his stout crew bend on every thread of sail as they race toward the Pirate Lair.

Ben calls upon his friends
Ben sends out the message about his quest, and birds swoop in to help Ben locate the Pirate Lair.

Ben sails hard all day
Ben pushes ship and crew through the day, chasing the setting sun to reach the Pirate Lair.

Even into eventide
Finally, in the dark of night, Ben locates the Pirate Lair. Its jaunty lights glow on the horizon.

Ben finds the Pirate Fleet
Ben stares down the bows of the Pirate King's fiercest ship. He hopes no one sees him gulp!

Ben wades into the Pirate Lair
Ben's physical training serves him well as he sets off for his encounter with the Pirate King.

Ben surveys the entire Pirate Fleet
At great personal risk, Ben determines the Pirate King's armada is jam packed with speedy attack boats.

Ben circles the Pirate Clubhouse
Ben slips around back to sniff out the Pirate King and his massive ground-based operation.

The fateful moment
Ben spies his nemesis and pounces!

The Pirate King is oblivious
The pouncing Ben finds the Pirate King honing his blade for his planned invasion of Snug Harbor.

Our combatants face off
Ben and the Pirate King - eye to eye - state the terms of the battle they know must come.

A ferocious battle begins
This conflict is worse than Ben ever expected. The dastardly Pirate King really is fighting with a knife!

This is for the birds!

The final walk
The Pirate King gloats as he prepares to send Ben to see Davey Jones. Ben can't believe he's to walk a plank!

The lonely last step
Ben prepares to meet his Maker.

Ben is resigned to his fate
As Ben ponders his future, his thoughts turn to the safety of his sidekicks, his beloved Snug Harbor, and his supper.

Ben thinks ...
There must be another way.

There is another way!
Ben's old friends fill the sky above the head of the Pirate King. They're so loud the Pirate King can barely think a dastardly thought.

Crabs race to Ben's side
Fiddler crabs don their big claws, the really really big red claws, and scurry to fight the Pirate King.

Even Sobek comes to help
Sobek and Ben have dueled over Snug Harbor. But Sobek won't let the Pirate King beat Ben - not if he can stop it!

The Pirate King slumps!
The sight of Ben's rescue party overwhelms the Pirate King. His whole body turns to mush.

Ben darts to freedom
Ben jumps from plank to terra firma. He's never been more happy to have his paws on dry ground.

Thinking ... Thinking ....

Ben has the answer! The contemplating and pacing worked! The sure defeat of the Pirate King lies ahead!

Ben takes the offensive
The Pirate King isn't ready for Ben's fierce onslaught. Ben seizes the Pirate's hat and pokes it at the Pirate King's nose!

Ben has a secret plan
The Pirate King is a tough foe. Ben's sure he can lick him with a move Ben's great-grandpappy taught him when Ben was a young pup.

The move takes time to work
Ben is a Zen Master of Patience as he waits for his great-grandpappy's secret move to subdue the Pirate King.

But in the end
The Pirate King succumbs to love. Ben's good thoughts - and licks - send him to peaceful sleep.

Battle won, spoils to the victor
Ben sports the Pirate King's hat with great pride and aplomb. Ben's always liked tri-corner hats.

Doffing the Pirate King's hat
Ben removes the Pirate King's hat, recognizing the powerful tri-peak may cause him to think evil thoughts. Besides, it smells bad.

Homeward, trusty friends!
Ben, birds, crabs and Sodek share a sail from Pirate Lair toward Snug Harbor, that place they all call home.

Toward the day's end
The birds are aloft, the crabs and alligator in their homes. Ben glides quietly into his beloved Snug Harbor.

Ben finally sleeps
In his dream, Ben dozes next to booty in the Pirate Lair. Ben has no idea of the adventure that awaits when he returns booty to rightful owners.

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