City Hall

Time for a walk-about!
Ben has finished his Morning Cup o' Joe and realizes this is an ideal day to tour his home town.

Enough window gazing
Ben loves watching the world pass his city home. But the time has come to join in the adventure!

Watching for the shuttle
Ben begins his trip at the shuttle stop, where he'll catch a ride into the heart of his city.

Bright Lights, Big City!
Ben steps off the shuttle in the business and government district. It's time to tour!

The state Capitol
Ben makes a bee line to the Gold Dome, where he served his community for many years.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ben's first stop is the alcove where Georgia recognizes her native-born civil rights leader.

Paying respects at DOGNY
Ben honors the dogs and handlers of 9/11 with a moment of silence at the statue.

Daniel Boone's memorial
Ben stands atop the marker of the trailblazer, as statesman Richard Russell strikes his pose.

Astride the cannon
No trip to the Capitol is complete without a ride on one of the historic cannons!

Doors to City Hall
Ben strolls across Government Hill to another venue where he served the people of his city.

It's so high!
Ben had forgotten how far this hallowed hall of government reaches into the sky!

Back to earth
Ben scrambles down the steps. The time has arrived to begin the journey home.

But first, a pit stop
Ben marvels at the gizmos that sanitize the public "necessary room" between uses.

What a great tour!
Ben settles on a bench to await his shuttle home. He plans to fix a tasty treat and then take a nap!

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