Ghost Ship

Ben's Ready to Go!
Ben has finished his chores at his City Home and is ready to return to sea.

Ben's on the poop deck
Today he skippers the Carroll Deering, with plans to take her to the Spice Islands.

Say Cheese!
Ben swings close to the Cape Lookout lightship, so they can snap his picture.

Suddenly the schooner lurches. Uh oh - the ship has wrecked upon the shoals!

Desert islands live up to their name!
Ben gets the crew ashore, but what a lonely shore it is.

Hello up there!
Ben turns to the sky for a sign.

And a sign is just what he finds! The sturdy lighthouse will lead the crew home.

High Ho, High ho!
Ben leads the way.

Nagging sense of disbelief
Still, Ben can't believe he's lost the Carroll Deering.

Wondering and pondering
Can it be true? Has the schooner really joined the Ghost Fleet of the Outer Banks?

A hunch takes shape
Did Ben really take the ship to sea? Or, could she been at anchor the whole time he snoozed in the warm afternoon

Answers from above?
Did Ben really see a sign in the sky that helped him bring his crew to safety?

Or was Ben asleep?
He could have been. Because, isn't he waking up in his snug little spot?

In the warmth of his blanket
Ben wonders. Was it just a dream?

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